If you’ve made it here, you’re likely seeking change.

You might be in pain or just feeling disconnected from your body. Maybe you’re having difficulty doing the things you want to do, or are recovering from an injury. You might just want to try Rolfing because a friend told you about it. Whatever your reason for being here, Rolfing likely has something to offer you.

Many people in many different life circumstances seek Rolfing. People who’ve ¬†experienced traumatic accidents, joint replacements, lack of body awareness, or just the effects of aging. People of all ages, from infants to 100 years old seek this form of bodywork.

You don’t need to have experienced any of the above to benefit from Rolfing. ¬†The truth is if you are a living breathing human being, Rolfing will change you in some way. Whether it’s the way you experience the physical relationships within your body or how you move through the external world, something will shift.

So jump in. Or wade in slowly.