Jessie wanted to understand how things worked, and see if he could make them work smoother and easier. Sometimes he had great ideas… And sometimes he didn’t.

Jessie’s evolving interest led him to movement systems, and ultimately the human movement system. He’s explored this in many arenas, such as off-road motorcycle racing, rock climbing, dance, and household chores. His pursuit of this eventually brought him to the practice of RolfingĀ® Structural Integration.

Jessie has worked with professional dancers, office chair jockeys, and movers of all sorts in finding structural ease, integrated flow, and physical comfort in their own moving bodies. He’s also helped people through transitions such as post-op recovery and injury rehabilitation.

When Jessie isn’t facilitating change in others, he’s playing with his own movement system up on a rock wall or riding the back roads on his motorcycle. He likes good wine and good food, too! and don’t be surprised if you see him at the local ecstatic dance meetup.

If you see Jessie around town, ask him about Rolfing. He loves to geek out about bodies in movement!