Does Rolfing hurt?

Not necessarily. Everybody has a different tolerance for sensation. I prefer to work below the
pain threshold. This allows you to be aware of your whole body throughout the session. If you
were experiencing excessive pain and discomfort, it would be difficult for you to feel much else.

That said, Rolfing can be uncomfortable. But you as the client are ultimately in control of how
you communicate what you are experiencing with me. And I will do my best to be effective within your comfort zone.

What should I wear?

The clothing typically preferred by RolfersTM consists of boxer briefs or briefs for men, and underwear and bra for women. A two piece swimsuit works. Ideally, as much access to the body surface as possible is preferred, within reason. Also you will be asked to walk in front of your RolferTM in your “Rolfing uniform” for a “body reading” at the beginning and end of each session.

Why ten sessions?

Each session of the Ten Series is different. There are different themes and intentions that overlap throughout the series, but we will address the relationships through out the entire body. The amount of detail and time for integration of the work required to address the entire body couldn’t be done in only a few sessions. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end for each session. The same holds true for the ten series. The first three sessions are dedicated to the superficial “stocking” of the body, four through seven address the “core structures of the body, and eight through ten are about integration of the whole system.

How long does it take to do a ten series?

Between two and a half months to five months is typical. Generally, one to two weeks between sessions is appropriate.

What if I can’t afford the ten series?

There are options. It is not expected that you pay for an entire series up front. I also understand that $120 per week is out of reach for some. I offer payment plans to fit your budget. Some people pay for one session per month regardless of how fast they complete the series. Some make lump payments. I am flexible. I do ask that you be responsible for whatever plan you may agree to. I will ask that you sign a written agreement if you choose to go the payment plan route.

What if I’m shy about being mostly undressed in front of somebody?

That’s understandable. Know that my office is a container for you. It is safe. There is no judgement here. I’m not here to tell you things that are wrong with you and you are not here to be fixed. The truth is you are human and are probably seeking some sort of relief. I am here to help you find it in your own body. I am here to help you tune into your body and awareness. It is normal to experience some shyness in your first session, and maybe all of them. But most people find that those feelings diminish quickly. Many people actually gain greater self confidence through the process of Rolfing.